Pneumatic Combustion Air and Flue Gas Damper Drives Provide Greater Efficiency

damper drive
Stack Damper at Refinery
(courtesy of Rotork Type K)
Combustion air and flue gas damper drives fill a critical role requiring safety, accuracy and reliability above all else. Pneumatic type, rotary damper drives improve the efficiency and reliability of large and small boilers, furnaces and process heaters by maximizing combustion efficiency, minimizing emissions and reducing installation costs.

Rotary pneumatic drives deliver quality and power, but most importantly the provide precise control and speed to improve the BTU/Fuel ratio and increase the MW/Fuel ratio. This "better burn" results in reduced emissions, lower fuel consumption and improved boiler draft control. Specifically, these drives provide:
  • High speed continuous modulation of ID/FD fan and inlet guide vanes
  • Improved modulation and control of secondary air dampers
  • Improved automation and burner management
  • Quick response to plant demand
  • Improved reliability in high temperature environments
  • Precise damper and burner positioning
  • Simple commissioning and diagnostics
  • Low running costs, virtually maintenance free
  • Pneumatic, analog and bus network communications

pedestal damper drive
Pedestal mount damper drive
(courtesy of Rotork Type K)
The heart of the rotary pneumatic drive is the high performance rotary vane actuator. The totally enclosed design eliminates internal gears, levers and crank arms where hysteresis is created, leaving an output that has no “lost motion”, “slop” or “backlash”.  The result is the most accurate and repeatable pneumatic damper drive available to the industry.

Finally, these damper drives are designed as a "drop-in-place" solution that precisely fits into the application with no field modifications.  The concept focusses on providing the end-user with a high-performance drive that can be installed without any field engineering or modification using basic hand tools in a few hours. Existing connecting rods and linkages are reused without modification. Retrofit drives fit directly on the existing mounting pad using existing hardware.

old electric drive
Before retrofit
new pneumatic drive
After retrofit
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