Smart Gas Transmission Pipe Using Fiber Optic Sensing Technology

Fiber optic sensing technology, referred to as "Smart Sensor Technology" is available for above ground and buried pipelines, with sensitivity and performance appropriate for each type or combined above and below ground installations.

The modular hardware and software developed by Hawk Measurement Systems is unique in the world and has world leading specifications and software development for false positive minimization and maximum flexibility for specific in-situ customer needs.

The Smart Sensor Technology monitors:
  • Sound / Vibration
  • Temperature / Vibration
  • Temperature Only
  • Strain Only
  • Temperature / Vibration / Strain / Sound
The distributed sensor can continuously monitor vibration, strain and temperature on structural elements of the pipeline for the entire length of optical fiber.

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Innovative Sensor Design for Mobile Liquid Nitrogen Pump & Vaporizers (MLNPV)

MLNPV Sensor
MLNPV Sensor Location
Reprinted with permission from REOTEMP


MLNPV's are used to pump nitrogen gas into natural gas wells and oil wells. Gas is pumped into the wells to purge remaining fossil fuels which may be imbedded in well bores, slurries, and bedrock. The purged fuels can then be used for commercial use.


The MLNPV's require a variety of sensors to monitor internal components including: the liquid nitrogen tank, heat exchanger (used to convert liquid nitrogen to gas), and the pump. Temperature sensors are especially critical, since they are used to ensure safe, efficient operations.

The MLNPV's were originally outfitted with a gas actuated thermometer which had 30ft of capillary running from the sensor to the dial face located in the control box. The thermometer was subjected to a combination of extreme cold weather and continuous shock/vibration during operation and from traveling over unpaved, off-road paths and long highway drives. This harsh combination lead to continual failures in the field, increasing maintenance costs, downtime, and frustration for the manufacturer as well as the end user.
  • Extreme sensor temperatures to -325F 
  • Ambient temperatures as low as -50F 
  • Continuous vibration & shock 
  • Harsh environment: oil, water, mud 

The environment and harsh conditions required a sensor that would be extremely robust and still meet the customer's expectations of high accuracy, quick response time, and long life span.


A prototype sensor they believed would meet all of the customers requirements. REOTEMP's design included heavy-duty mil-spec electrical connectors and plastic over-molding to prevent wire damage.

The sensor was put into action and performed extremely well:
  • Able to withstand harsh environment: extreme temperature, oil, water, mud 
  • Improved accuracy 
  • Reduced lead time (to a couple of days) 
  • Lowered cost (by roughly 1/2) 

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Dynamic Compensation for Static Pressure Effects in Differential Pressure Measurement

Yokogawa DPharp
Yokogawa DPharp
Attaining the best available performance and accuracy from any measuring device utilized in an industrial process is always advantageous. The scale of most industrial processes is such that even small inaccuracies in process measurement produce financially tangible impact. Differential pressure measurement, with wide application in the industrial process sphere, can be improved with the addition of a means to compensate for the real world effects of static pressure upon instrument performance.

Yokogawa Corporation has developed a means to dynamically compensate for static pressure effects in field measurements. The brief technical presentation below will help you understand how static pressure effects can impact your field measurements, as well as how Yokogawa’s Real-time Dynamic Compensation works to offset its impact.

More detailed product and application information is available from your Yokogawa specialist.