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Moisture Measurement in Sugar Production

Moisture detection in sugar production
Moisture detection in sugar production.
The sugar industry processes sugar cane and sugar beets to manufacture edible sugar. To achieve high quality sugar, improve efficiency and keep production cost in check, moisture detectors are employed to deliver accurate moisture analysis during several stages of the process.

Typical processes are as follows;


Sugar cane:
  • Milling with water, extracting raw juice -> purification
Sugar beet: 
  • Diffusing with hot water, extracting raw juice -> purification. 
Moisture detection in sugar productionPurification / Refining
  • Crystallized sugar after purification is called "raw sugar". Raw sugar is then dried and may be further refined before bagging for shipment. 
CHINO's IM Series online system can measure moisture to maintain product consistency as well as energy efficiency at the following parts of the sugar manufacturing process.

Moisture detection in sugar productionMoisture measurement of "Bagasse" (fiber residue of the canes).
  • 10% - 40% (Accuracy: +/- 0.5%) 
  • Bagasse is mainly used as a biofuel, renewable resource in the pulp, paper products and building materials.
Moisture measurement of "used cossettes" (sliced beets used for diffusion).
Moisture detection in sugar production
  • 30% - 70% (Accuracy: +/- 0.5%)
  • Used cossettes are dried and sold as animal feed
Moisture control of raw sugar and during refinery
  • IM Series is equipped w/ 4-20mA analog output which can be easily incorporated with existing process control systems.
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Schutte & Koerting Steam Jet Vacuum Systems

Steam Jet Ejectors are used in the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, food, power, steel and allied industries in connection with such operations as filtration, distillation and evaporation, absorption, mixing, vacuum packaging, freeze drying, flash cooling, deaerating, dehydrating and degassing to name just a few. They will handle both condensable and non-condensable gases and vapors as well as mixtures of the two. Small amounts of solids or liquids will not adversely affect performance.

The principal feature of the Barometric Condenser is that injection water may be discharged through a tail pipe by gravity, without requiring a pump. The Barometric Condenser is employed in a variety of industries as an economical means of removing air, exhaust steam, and other vapors from vacuum equipment.

The video below provides and overview of the extensive capabilities Schutte & Koerting has in the engineering, design, and fabrication of steam jet vacuum systems.

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Gas and Flame Detection: Custom Battery Backup Solution

Scott fixed gas detection
Scott toxic & flammable
gas detection transmitter.

A leading food and beverage company needed a battery back-up system for their extensive gas detection system in the event of power loss.

The Scott Safety integration team implemented a UPS battery back-up system to supply reserve power to over 300 gas detectors in the system for up to 24 hours in the event of a power loss, ensuring a safe environment. 

The implemented Scott solution consisted of seven identical battery back-up systems. Each back-up system would support the corresponding controllers and transmitters associated with that system, building or process. Upon primary power loss, the custom battery backup was required to maintain full load of the assigned controllers and transmitters in a full alarm situation for 24 hours. The custom battery back-up system required a modular design so that the enclosures could be a standard manufactured product but assembled on-site. The UPS also provided system diagnostics that were tied into a PLC that was also provided to monitor the controllers’ fault alarms.

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