Turn to the Yokogawa YS1700 to Replace Discontinued Siemens 353 SLC Controllers

Siemens 353
Siemens 353 is discontinued.
The very popular Siemens 353 SLC controller was discontinued, leaving many process users high and dry for a suitable replacement. We're glad to announce that there is a great alternative - the Yokogawa YS1700 PID loop controller.
Yokogawa YS1700
Yokogawa YS1700
is a drop-in replacement.

The YS1700 is a drop-in SLC replacement for the Siemens 353 and is an ideal choice for many control applications offering extreme reliability and sophisticated control. This product family has bright, easy-to-read displays, multiple I/O points, and powerful loop tuning. For critical applications, the YS1700 employs dual CPUs for maximum reliability and hard-manual control for added protection.

For more information about the YS1700 as a great replacement for the Siemens 353, visit this page.

Yokogawa Pressure Transmitter Local Parameter Setting (LPS) Tutorial

We have all run into this scenario one time or another; you're out in the field when you realized you need to make an adjustment to one of your Yokogawa pressure transmitters, but your Hand Held Communicator (HHC) is back at the instrument shop.

If you have a Yokogawa EJA-E or EJX-A series pressure transmitter it is not a problem. Yokogawa's Local Parameter Setting (LPS) gives you easy access to nine (9) basic parameters:
  1. Tag Number
  2. Unit of measure
  3. Set LRV (4 mA)
  4. Set URV (20 mA)
  5. Damping Time
  6. Transfer Function (Linear or Square Root)
  7. Display
  8. Calibrate LRV (Requires applied pressure)
  9. Calibrate URV (Requires applied pressure)
LPS is available on any EJA-E or EJX-A series model with HART (Output Signal code -E or -J) and BRAIN (Output Signal code-D) communication.

LPS requires Integral Indicator with Switch (code E). The LPS utilizes the Range-setting Switch on the indicator and the Zero Adjust Screw to work through the menu and change values.

The video below provides a detailed tutorial on how to use Yokogawa LPS.

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