Use High Visibility Dials on Pressure and Temperature Instruments

Reotemp HiVis Dials
Reotemp HiVis Dials
Here is a real-life case study of how high visibility (HiVis) dials on pressure and temperature gauges improved safety and efficiency at a US power plant.

Like most industrial plants, there were a number of recessed areas where light was blocked by equipment, piping, etc. This created low-light areas and shadows that can make it difficult to see and read instrumentation like pressure gauges. In some cases, gauges were mounted high above head and were difficult to read from the floor.

When gauges are hard to locate and read, it makes the operator’s job more difficult and increases the likelihood of human error.

Without Hi-Vis Dial
  • Gauges can be misread.
  • Gauges can be misidentified.
  • Gauges can be overlooked. 
With Hi-Vis Dial
  • Gauges are more easily seen in low light environments.
  • Gauges are easier to read at a distance.
  • Gauges are more noticeable and easier to locate.
  • Safety is increased. Hi-Vis = Hi-Safety.
After walking around the plant and evaluating the gauge’s visibility in a few low-light areas, the plant supervisor was confident the Hi-Vis dials would increase gauge visibility and plant safety. The decision was made to transition every gauge in the facility to the Hi-Vis dials.

In the following months, over 100 Hi-Vis dial pressure gauges were installed. The operators were now able to easily locate and read all of the pressure gauges. The plant’s supervisor had successfully increased the safety in his facility and has continued to use the Hi-Vis as the standard for all new pressure gauge applications. Plans are underway to replace all existing gauges in the Cooling Towers and Chiller Plant

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