Precision Weighing at High Speeds in Industrial Process Control

BLH Nobel G5 DIN Rail Mount
BLH Nobel G5 DIN Rail Mount
Industrial process control implies the presence of industrial process measurement. Throughout our operations, we seek to measure "how much" of something is present. In the case of many materials, weight is the preferred measurement.

Weight is a measurement of force. We can use it as a statement of "how much" because gravity is considered constant across the planet surface. The force or weight measured for a batch of material at a shipping point in the US will, for commercial purposes, be the same force or weight measured for that material at any destination to which it may be delivered. Measurement of weight can be used for establishing proper mixing ratios of components to be combined in a particular manner. The level of material in a tank or other container can be ascertained through a measurement of weight.

BLH/Nobel Weighing Systems manufactures a high speed, high performance control for industrial weight/force measurement applications. Their G5 line of controllers provides the user a wide range of configurable options, from multiple input channels to analog and digital outputs. The clean user interface provides access to all functions and channels and the unit is available as a freestanding desktop, DIN rail mount, or panel mount unit. There is also a model configured for harsh environments.

The brochure below provides a good overview of the unit and its potential applications. Contact a BLH Nobel product specialist to receive more details, or to discuss how the G5 and other BLH/Nobel Weighing Systems products might be helpful to your process operation.