Introducing the Fox FT4A Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The Fox Model FT4A is the newest thermal gas mass flow meter offered from Fox Thermal Instruments.

The Model FT4A measures gas flow rate in standard units (SCFM, NM³/hr, LBS/HR, KG/HR & many more) without the need for temperature and pressure compensation.

A free software tool – FT4A View™ - is available for the Model FT4A that allows the user to connect to and configure the FT4A using a PC or laptop.


Direct Mass Measurement

The Fox Model FT4A measures the mass flow of gases directly in Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM), Normal Cubic Meters per Hour (NM³/hr), Kilograms per Hour (Kg/Hr), and other mass units without the need for pressure or temperature compensation. One isolated 4 to 20mA output programmable for flow or temperature is standard; HART communication optional. A second output is selectable for pulse or RS485 Modbus RTU.

Outstanding Low Flow Capability, Wide Turn-Down Ratio

The Fox flowmeter is capable of providing precise measurement of extremely low velocity gas flows. This results in a wide measurement range and a turn down ratio up to 1000:1; 100:1 typical.


The non-cantilevered design of the DDC-SensorTM is standard on all Model FT4A flowmeters. Instead of using traditional analog circuitry, the DDC-SensorTM is interfaced directly to the FT4A microprocessor for more speed and programmability.


The Model FT4A has many common gas calibrations pre-programmed into the meter so that the user can select a gas from a list to fit the application. Three gas menus are available: Pure Gas Menu, Mixed Gas Menu, and Oil & Gas Menu.

Probe and Retractor Sizes

The insertion flow meters have a 3/4" robust probe, are easy to install, and can be installed in pipe diameters of 1 1⁄2" to 70". Probe (I) and Retractor (R) sizes are: 6" (06I), 9" (09I), 12" (12I), 15" (15I/15R), 18" (18I/18R), 24" (24I/24R), 30" (30I/30R), and 36" (36I/36R).


The Display and Configuration Panel displays flow rate, flow total, elapsed time (hours since the totalizer was reset), process temperature and alarms. Field configurable variables include flow and temperature engineering units, 4 to 20mA scaling for flow and temperature, standard temperature and pressure (STP), pulse output scaling, zero flow cut off, alarm settings (high flow, low flow, high temp, and low temp), filter setting, and many others.

Digital Communications / FT4A ViewTM

Bus options are RS485 Modbus RTU and HART. The FT4A uses a standard USB port to connect to a PC. Fox's free FT4A ViewTM software provides complete configuration and remote process monitoring functions.

NIST Traceable Calibration

The Fox Calibration laboratory uses NIST traceable flow standards to ensure the highest level of accuracy. A calibration certificate is supplied with every meter.

Discrete Output

The discrete output can be set to provide a signal when alarms are generated.

Enclosure and Area Rating

NEMA 4X enclosure approved for FM and FMc Class I, Division 1; ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 approved. CE mark.

Input Power

Input Power: 12 to 28VDC, 20 watts max. Full Input Power Range: 10 to 30VDC, 20 watts max.

For more information on the FT4A contact Power Specialties at (816) 353-6550 or visit this link for the Power Specialties website.