Calibration of the MSA Chillgard® Refrigerant Leak Monitor

Refrigerant Leak Detector

The MSA Chillgard® 5000 Refrigerant Leak Detector provides continuous, real-time monitoring down to 1ppm. The Chillgard® 5000 Refrigerant Leak Monitor provides the earliest level of detection of costly refrigerant gas leaks in mechanical equipment rooms.

Calibrating the Chillgard® 5000 is easy. You can initiate a calibration with just the touch of a button on the dashboard. But before you begin calibrating, make sure you have all the necessary tools: demand flow type regulator; zero air scrubber; target gas or synthetic calibration cylinder. To begin, select the calibration button from the dashboard and pull out the calibration pen. The display will instruct you to insert the zero scrubber into the calibration port. Once inserted push the start button to perform the zero calibration. The unit will begin zeroing, and will display its progress. Once you've completed the zero calibration you'll see a calibration summary, then you'll be prompted to perform a span calibration. When instructed remove the zero scrubber. To begin the span calibration, select the target gas. Then confirm your cylinder concentration. If you prefer to use a synthetic gas, check the box on the screen. Apply cow gas to the calibration port, and then press start. The span calibration process will begin. Once the span calibration has finished, remove the cow gas, reinsert the calibration pen, and set a calibration reminder. The unit will return to the dashboard view. You can review a calibration summary, and the event log stores a history of past calibrations. Easy calibration means less maintenance and more uptime.

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