Process Weighing Controller: The BLH G5 Tech Manual

G5 Instruments
BLH Nobel G5 Instrument (panel mount)

The G5 Instruments are high performance single-channel weight indicators (PM model, panel mounted) or weight transmitters (RM model, DIN rail mounted) intended for industrial systems.

The basic function is to convert the signals from strain gauge transducers to useful weight information. Transducer excitation is included as well as parameter controlled signal processing, indication of output levels, error supervision and operation of optional external equipment.

As long as the error supervision detects no error, a signal called ‘In process’ is then present but if an error is detected, ‘In process’ will be off and a specific error message will be displayed. ‘In process’ can be set to control any digital output. Note that there are weighing channel specific and instrument specific error detection.

All functions in the G5 Instrument are controlled by set-up parameters. Setting of parameter values can be done from the PM front panel. Set-up of a RM model must be done with a web browser in a PC that is connected to the instrument via Ethernet. Maintenance functions can be accessed locally (PM) or remotely (PM and RM).

View the complete Technical Manual below, or download the G5 Tech Manual from here.