Super-fast Changeout of Sanitary Temperature Sensor

ReoClick Sanitary Temperature Sensor
Diagram 1
Many BioTech & Pharmaceutical companies test their temperature sensors with in-house calibration baths in order to ensure sensor accuracy. Accurate temperatures are so critical to ensuring a consistent product, that calibration checks are required before each batch is started.

Most existing temperature sensors have a threaded connection which would twist and tangle the extension wires when unthreaded for calibration. The only alternative to unthreading the connection is to disconnect the wires from the terminal. This wastes time and complicates the calibration process.

Manufacturer REOTEMP engineered a great solution. A product named "ReoClick" makes disconnecting and re-connecting the sensor from the process easy. With the click of a button, the temperature sensor is released from the the process, leaving the female adapter in place (see diagram 1). The sensor is then placed into a temperature bath for a quick calibration check and snapped back into service in a matter of seconds.

To make the design even better, REOTEMP incorporated a replaceable temperature element. The element can be easily removed when sensor replacement is eventually needed. This allows the customer to reuse their existing leadwire assembly, male insert, and female adapter (see diagram 2).

ReoClick Sanitary Temperature Sensor
Diagram 2

Along with those cost savings, the customer has avoided the usual headache associated with replacing a competitor’s elements: disconnecting wires, terminal blocks, reconnecting components, etc..

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