Advanced Laser Level Measurement for Liquids

OptioLaser S300
The Hawk Measurement Systems OptioLaser S300 Laser is a new product that can be used for the detection of all types of liquids, regardless of their dielectric properties.

This laser level detection system can accurately and reliably measure highly reflective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulence liquids. Due to its narrow beam divergence, it can be used to measure through grates and narrow passages, and even next to flat walls.

Principle of Operation

The Hawk OptioLaser S300 are user configurable and can be tuned to your specific application. The device uses an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, which allows light energy of 905 nm. to travel to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. This time-off-light (the time the laser pulse took to travel to the liquid and back) is then calculated into a distance. The low-gain diode allows for accurate measurement of even highly reflective, clear liquids, irrespective of the media dielectric properties. The narrow beam divergence of 3 milliradians (equal to 3ft at 1000ft) allows for easy installation, even near walls or thru narrow passages.

The OptioLaser S300 has strong appeal and wide application in the water, waste water, chemicals processing, food and beverage industries.

Read more about the OptioLaser S300 Laser measurement system by reviewing the embedded document below or you can download the "Optio S300 Liquid Laser Series for Fluid Level Measurement" PDF here.

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