Thermal Mass Flow Meters in Oil & Gas Applications

Fox Thermal Instruments manufacturers highly accurate and repeatable thermal mass flow meters for the oil and gas industry.

The model FT4X was designed for use at oil and gas well sites .

The standard data logger will make record-keeping easy for accuracy compliance with regulations like BLM 3175.

The model FT4X will make reporting for gas lease royalties and allocation easy too.

The model FT4A was also designed for use at oil and gas well sites. The gas Select-X feature is a revolutionary new feature that allows the user to have a meter capable of measuring more than 10 different gases accurately.

Custom flare gas or vent gas mixes can be programmed specifically for your application.

Fox model FT3 is an award-winning and rugged their own mass flow meter that is Quad-O compliant for flares or combustors, and like our other meters, has extensive agency approvals.

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