The Schubert & Salzer Ball Sector Valve for Abrasive and Slurry Service

Schubert & Salzer Ball Sector Valve

The Schubert & Salzer Ball Sector Valve performs well in harsh environments such as slurries, dry media, fluids with suspended solids, and liquids containing fibers. It is the best choice for precise control in various process industries such as mining, pulp and paper, and the chemical industry. 

The ball sector valve employs a hemispherical shell called the ball sector, securely held in place in the valve body by two large bearing stems. 

Ball sector valves perform admirably in demanding applications compared to other types of valves. When conventional butterfly and ball segment valves are closed, the critical sealing components of the valve suffer the most wear. Because of the unique design of the ball sector, the seals are less prone to wear through the reduced exposed area, preventing exposure to high flow velocities; thus, the service life of ball sector valves extends significantly. The shaft is sealed and protected from media particles by a self-adjusting PTFE packing with an integrated spring element. Compared to other valve technologies, this innovative seal design, combined with various materials and finishes for the ball sector and valve seat, significantly extends the valve's life. As a result, it is ideal for abrasive, high viscosity, or fiber-containing media. 

The valve is used for control tasks because of the modified equal-percentage operating characteristic (difference pressure increases as the valve closes) and the outstanding rangeability of 300:1. The unique connection on the valve body ensures that the differential pressure on the valve has little effect on the actuating torque. 

Other technologies, such as a segmented ball or rotary globe valves, use an eccentric shaft, which causes the ball or plug to lift from the valve seat as the valve opens. As a result, sealing areas are subjected to permanent wear right away. Particulate can get stuck between the seal ring and the ball/plug. The ball sector valve has centric and robust trunnions that keep the ball sector in constant contact with the valve seat, preventing media contamination. The permanent actuation torque is unaffected by changes in differential pressure.

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