Load Cells Used for Weighing Applications in Industrial Control

Load Cells Used for Weighing Applications

Physical science principles are integrated with technology and engineering to build devices critical to modern high speed, high accuracy system operation in industrial process monitoring and control. 

A load cell measures things ranging in size from very small to extremely large and is an essential component of weighing materials and equipment. Their usefulness applies to many process weighing applications across various industries.

In essence, a load cell is a force measurement device that acts as a transducer, transforming force into a unit of quantifiable electrical output in a predictable manner. While there are many different types of load cells, the strain gauge-based cell is the most used in many industries. These strain gauge cells typically have an accuracy range of 0.03 percent to 0.25 percent. Pneumatically based load cells are appropriate for circumstances demanding intrinsic safety and optimal hygiene. There are also hydraulic load cells that run without the requirement for a power supply for regions without a power grid.  These load cells operate on the same principle: a force acts on the cell, which then computes as a value. The value is processed to get an indicator of weight in engineering units. 

The deformation principle applies to strain gauge cells, where highly minute amounts of deformation, directly related to the stress or strain applied to the cell, are produced as an electrical signal with a value proportional to the load applied to the cell. The operating concept enables the creation of devices capable of providing accurate, precise measurements of a wide range of industrial products. 

Load cells' advantages include their endurance, accuracy, and flexibility to a wide range of applications, all of which contribute to their utility in a wide range of industries and applications. 

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