The Need for Combustion Airflow Measurement

Combustion Airflow (CA) Measurement Station
Combustion Airflow
Monitor Station
(courtesy of Air Monitor)
A Combustion Airflow (CA) Measurement Station is a multi-point, self averaging Pitot traverse station designed to provide accurate and repeatable primary, secondary and/or tertiary airflow measurement in gas, oil or coal fired power plants.

The objectives in the power industry today are twofold; to lower emissions, and increase plant performance. Precise measurement of combustion airflow and fuel rates positively contributes to achieving those objectives, by providing the information needed to optimize stoichiometric ratios and facilitate more complete, stable combustion. Usable measurements cannot be obtained from existing devices such as venturis, foils, jamb tubes, etc., or instrumentation such as thermal anemometers due to limited available straight duct runs, low flow rates, proximity to modulating control dampers, broad turndown range, and high concentrations of airborne particulate (flyash).

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