Tank Level, Interface Level and Temperature Monitoring in a Single Instrument

MTS level transmitters
MTS level transmitters
Level “interface” detection is a common measurement requirement in the oil & gas, food & beverage, bulk storage, chemical, and petrochemical industries.  Interface refers to the separation layer between two liquids in the same tank or vessel. A good example is such as oil and water. Because each liquid has its own density or specific gravity, separation takes place, with the lower density liquid floating on top of the higher density liquid.

Accuracy in detecting the interface is important. Imagine if you were refining oil and had a large tank of crude oil contaminated with water. Knowing where the water layer would be extremely important so it can be separated.

This video provides a quick visual understanding of interface. The instruments shown in the video (from MTS Sensors) are capable of providing accurate tank level measurement, interface level measurement, and also provides temperature measurement.

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