BLH Tank Mount Series

BLH Tank Mount Series

BLH Nobel introduced its new Tank Mount Series of weighing equipment for process weighing applications.  The new series includes three different fully standardized weigh modules with off-the-shelf availability in capacities up to 200 tons and various suitable junction boxes and instruments.  It is an integrated solution for accurate and repeatable weighing of materials for multiple applications such as large silos, vessels, small ingredient storage bins, and clean-in-place batching processes.

Tank Mount Series Markets: 

  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp and Paper

Known for its customizable, high-accuracy, smart weighing solutions, BLH Nobel is an established leader in process weighing.  The Tank Mount Series provides end-users as well as system integrators and OEMs a cost-competitive solution, consisting of two low and one high capacity range weigh modules with mV/V output:

With capacities up to 5 ton/tonnes, the metric TankMount weigh module and its imperial counterpart EconoMount weigh module are both well suited for general industrial applications that require retrofitting on existing structures or converting hoppers into a scale.  The weigh modules are rated IP 67 or better as a standard, with ATEX, FM, NEMA4, OIML, and NTEP, Class III, and IIIL certified versions available as an option.

With the KDH5 weigh module, the Tank Mount Series covers larger capacity needs up to 200 tons at accuracy levels of 0.075% of Rated Output.  Its compact and robust mechanical design features an integrated tilt guard for easy installation.  The weigh module is ideal for heavy silo weighing applications or weighbridges and offered as ATEX, IECEx, or FM approved versions at no additional cost.  Higher capacities and EN 1090 compliant versions are also available.

BLH Nobel offers various suitable junction boxes and instruments to provide complete weighing solutions in a one-stop-shop.  For example, the WIN5 weigh indicator is well suited for simple applications, which can benefit from its stainless steel enclosure, the high-contrast 6-digit LED display, and the operating pushbuttons are supporting tare weight zero settings of empty vessels.  The G5 DIN Rail Mount satisfies advanced process weighing and control instrument needs.  It is available as a DIN Rail version with an integrated display and functional keypad, easy navigation, and control directly at the production facility.  The G5 instrument family's modular hardware supports a wide variety of communication options via Ethernet, RS485, USB, Fieldbus, and analog output - for full flexibility.

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